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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,254 – March 29 2019

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Clues Answers
Absolute belter HUMDINGER
Biting fly GNAT
Candle cord WICK
Card __ raiser JACK
Deserted urban area GHOSTTOWN
Evil imp GOBLIN
Extract DRAW
Father SIRE
From Kiev, say? UKRAINIAN
Item filled in by a golfer SCORECARD
James and the Giant Peach author DAHL
Killer whale ORCA
Mixed rain and melting snow SLEET
Moved slowly and cautiously forward NOSED
Moving as hands do? CLOCKWISE
Order restricting movements after a set time CURFEW
Pincered insect EARWIG
Potential cause of harm from micro-organisms BIOHAZARD
Powered equipment MACHINERY
Put to the sword SLAIN
Rub noses Nuzzle
Separate part UNIT
Setting LOCALE
The war (anag) WREATH
Three-note chord __ Chinese criminal gang TRIAD
Trite anticlimax BATHOS
White whale BELUGA