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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,262 – April 7 2019

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Clues Answers
Agreement CONSENT
Band worn for decoration ARMLET
Briefs of two small panels connected by strings TANGA
Casserole of chicken pieces and onions in red wine COQAUVIN
Complete UTTER
Express grumpy opposition HARRUMPH
Flashy GAUDY
Highly valued RATED
In truth INDEED
Language group of southern Africa BANTU
Little, charming and naughty ELFIN
Lying between huge collections of stars — a critical gent (anag) INTERGALACTIC
Mexican Pacific resort ACAPULCO
Netting MESH
Of the chest THORACIC
Oil-fuelled light with a glass chimney for outdoor use HURRICANELAMP
One gazing intently STARER
One who gives up too easily QUITTER
Parthenogenetic ASEXUAL
Revise MUGUP
Scuttler CRAB
Small keyboarding error TYPO
Speak indistinctly MUMBLE
Try to avoid (a problem) SKIRT
Turning point on which important developments depend CUSP
Until now THUSFAR