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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,264 – April 9 2019

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Clues Answers
Cattle-catching rope LASSO
Coming from Aden? YEMENI
Edible root, eaten cooked __ fils, say (anag) SALSIFY
Forenames (anag) FREEMASON
Glasses (abbr) SPECS
Hard-wearing twilled cloth __ it’s faun (anag) FUSTIAN
In a moderately slow tempo ANDANTE
Launch an attack on someone, verbally LETFLY
Make stronger FORTIFY
Mineral used to make plaster of Paris GYPSUM
Muse of love poetry ERATO
North American reindeer CARIBOU
Clues Answers
North American wild dog COYOTE
One who talks in an offensive way LOUDMOUTH
Radiant __ clever BRIGHT
Say baa! BLEAT
Small animal with a pouch POSSUM
Tea-growing state in north-east India ASSAM
Thin biscuit WAFER
Unbeliever INFIDEL
Very short time TRICE
Vinegary ACETIC
Wading bird HERON
Woman likely to succeed? HEIRESS