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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,267 – April 12 2019

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Clues Answers
Abraham or Isaac, perhaps PATRIARCH
Birch relative ALDER
Capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo KINSHASA
Except if UNLESS
Expression of grief ALAS
French cop GENDARME
Get-up-and-go PEP
Gripper — fault VICE
Guilty party CULPRIT
Hitchcock’s 1960 classic PSYCHO
Large flow of liquid RIVER
Low wall along a roof edge PARAPET
Lowest point NADIR
Nervously restrained laugh TITTER
Noise of a small object dropping into water PLOP
Not rude CIVIL
Old campaigner WARHORSE
Par trio (anag) — Charles de Gaulle, say AIRPORT
Popular starter PRAWNCOCKTAIL
Relating to theft LARCENOUS
Robin Hood figure? OUTLAW
Small bites NIPS
Those leaving their own country for political reasons EMIGRES
Title for a baronet SIR