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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,289 – May 8 2019

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Clues Answers
(Of a drug) lowering sexual urges __ Rio’s a handicap (anag) ANAPHRODISIAC
Assam or Darjeeling, for example TEA
Colossus TITAN
Complain in the strongest possible terms RAISEHELL
Discoverer’s triumphant cry EUREKA
Extremely disappointed SICKASAPARROT
Fairground ride ROLLERCOASTER
Female singing voice CONTRALTO
Glad rags FINERY
Greek cheese FETA
Informal restaurants BISTROS
Item of luggage SUITCASE
Legendary bird __ Arizona city PHOENIX
Mexican pancake TORTILLA
Oxygen’s atomic number EIGHT
People expected to fail NOHOPERS
Pub (slang) BOOZER
Seed of a leguminous plant BEAN
Shed excess weight SLIM
Tail bone COCCYX
Unit of measurement of thermal insulation in duvets, coats etc TOG
Visit various websites SURF