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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,305 – May 27 2019

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Clues Answers
(Of words) sound the same RHYME
Arranged in a ring structure CYCLIC
Broadcasting ONAIR
Composed of viscous liquid drops BLOBBY
Container for writing fluid INKPOT
Exhaust physically and/or emotionally FRAZZLE
Glass pane securer PUTTY
Hissy fit TANTRUM
Imagined state of perfection UTOPIA
Irish police officer GARDA
Large hawk-like bird of prey BUZZARD
Light-headed __ bewildered DIZZY
Makes less clear BEFOGS
Phase of Earth’s satellite NEWMOON
Spanish conquistador who conquered the Incas, d. 1541 PIZARRO
Spill saliva DROOL
Spokes RADII
Syrup that may see a cough off LINCTUS
Trans-Siberian Railway terminus VLADIVOSTOK
Transfer of power to a lower level DEVOLVEMENT
Very thin SCRAWNY
Vexatious TRYING
With electromechanical body parts BIONIC
Write back ANSWER