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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,308 – May 30 2019

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Clues Answers
Arachnids with a sting in the tail SCORPIONS
Bicycle-like device for sliding down snow slopes SKIBOB
Big hybrid of the cat family TIGON
Bring up for discussion BROACH
Copper and zinc alloy BRASS
Desire to travel ITCHYFEET
Fibre used for making sacking and ropes JUTE
Give out EMIT
Kind of triangle ISOSCELES
Knitted jacket that buttons up the front (abbr) Cardie
Lovers’ row TIFF
Nickname __ Boers quit (anag) SOBRIQUET
Path for horses BRIDLEWAY
Priceless! HILARIOUS
Procreated BRED
Racist or sexist? BIGOT
Refuse with contempt SPURN
Rescue (anag) SECURE
Rise and fall of the sea TIDE
Run fast SPRINT
Sea eagle ERNE
Shellfish soup BISQUE
Silly person (with sparrow’s mind?) BIRDBRAIN
Sow’s mate BOAR
Spanish wine shop BODEGA
Wading bird IBIS