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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,309 – May 31 2019

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Clues Answers
Attempt to deceive TRYON
Cylindrical length(s) of metal, plastic etc TUBING
Dark underground cell DUNGEON
Detective fiction author, d. 1957 SAYERS
Given to talking too much GABBY
Goes round and round GYRATES
Humiliates (someone) TAKESDOWNAPEG
Hungarian-born composer, d. 1945 BARTOK
In a fatuous manner INANELY
In a quick manner BRISKLY
Italian sparking wine ASTI
Loss of memory AMNESIA
Monarch’s time in the job REIGN
Pickled cucumber GHERKIN
Poke fun at DERIDE
Pulls sharply YANKS
Raja’s wife RANI
Range of sight EYESHOT
Respiratory problem ASTHMA
Restoration and repair of equipment etc REFIT
Sink liquid DISHWATER
Sour sticks eaten as fruit after cooking RHUBARB
Strabismus SQUINT
Unusual and unexpected event FREAK
Wedlock between persons from different social groups INTERMARRIAGE