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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,691 – Aug 21 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Quick Crossword.

Clues Answers
Abrupt cessation of the taking of drugs COLDTURKEY
Ancient region of north-western European GAUL
As a result of DUETO
Broken down into constituent parts ITEMISED
Capital of Saxony DRESDEN
Cereal grain that’s been germinated and kiln-dried and used in distilling MALT
Container for domestic electrical connections JUNCTIONBOX
East and West counties in England SUSSEX
Entice __ bait LURE
Foreshadow AUGUR
Historical predecessor of Liberal WHIG
Honestly TRULY
Jedi master of Obi-Wan Kenobi YODA
Lift (car) JACKUP
Measure used in recipes SPOONFUL
Member of a 1950s’ and 1960s’ youth subculture of nonconformism BEATNIK
Not socially acceptable (to certain people) NONU
Relating to Russian rulers from Ivan the Terrible to Nicholas II TSARIST
Short mildly erotic film seen from a coin-operated booth PEEPSHOW
Society of distinguished scholars ACADEMY
Tube, the use of which may be banned during British droughts HOSEPIPE
V-shaped hairline point on the forehead WIDOWSPEAK