The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,984 – Jul 30 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Agreement not to publish material before a certain time or date EMBARGO
Atlas or Prometheus, for instance TITAN
Begin to do something energetically SETTO
Dark-red sour cherry MORELLO
Dazed and confused GROGGY
Ear (informal) LUGHOLE
Emotional shock with lasting effects TRAUMA
Give the wrong impression MISLEAD
Go too far OVERSHOOT
Highland Games equipment CABER
Homes in on (anag) __ illicit alcohol MOONSHINE
Italian rice dish cooked gradually in stock RISOTTO
Light between red and green AMBER
One suffering for their beliefs MARTYR
Outer part of a loaf of bread CRUSTS
Place of safety ASYLUM
Posing a challenge TESTING
Section of rail track used for shunting SIDING
Sharp front tooth INCISOR
Short __ essential information BRIEF
Soldiers’ defensive ditch TRENCH
The environment as it relates to living things ECOLOGY
The ___ Who Came to Tea, 1968 children’s book by Judith Kerr TIGER
Used time (in a specific way) SPENT
Yuletide song CAROL

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