The Guardian – Quick crossword No 16,225 – May 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Rubber baby buggy bumper’, for example TONGUETWISTER
Alteration REVISION
An outstanding personal quality or asset (when playing bridge?) LONGSUIT
Capital of Saxony largely destroyed in a firestorm by British and American bombers in 1945 DRESDEN
Coagulated milk, used in making cheese CURD
Dynamic force behind all mental processes — hyping secrecy (anag) PSYCHICENERGY
Folklore relayed as truth (urban, perhaps) MYTH
Head (informal) NOGGIN
Indian prince RAJA
Jaunty musical rhythm LILT
Keeping careful watch VIGILANCE
Meat-based sauce GRAVY
Metal frame with wooden spindles invented by James Hargreaves in the mid-1760s for producing yarn SPINNINGJENNY
Military vessel WARSHIP
Natural starch used as a setting agent in making jams and jellies PECTIN
Sit — pose MODEL
Style of ragtime piano music (informal) HONKYTONK
Transparent panel inserted in an otherwise opaque material WINDOW
Ursine pelt (used as a rug?) BEARSKIN
Valiant HEROIC
Welsh boy’s name DAI
Wrongly rendered from French into English, say MISTRANSLATED
Young racehorse YEARLING

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