The Guardian – Quick crossword No 16,226 – May 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Amount by which a number rises INCREMENT
Bracelet worn for ornament or identification ARMLET
Childish rabbit BUNNY
Convolution INTRICACY
Dry __ dull ARID
Excuse __ excuse me! PARDON
Frond plant FERN
Garden broom made of twigs BESOM
Holidaying vehicle? CAMPERVAN
It can open many doors MASTERKEY
Jamboree GALA
James ___ , English actor, d. 1984 MASON
Material use for musical strings, made from intestines of sheep or horses (but not cats) CATGUT
Milton or Betjeman, say POET
Move up and down repeatedly BOUNCE
Oil well with a strong natural upward flow GUSHER
Part of a pneumatic tyre INNERTUBE
Plant __ airy malls (anag) AMARYLLIS
Pre-1939 name for Thailand SIAM
Raising to the third power CUBING
Serviette NAPKIN
Small stream RILL
Stagger REEL
Swimmer who goes down without any breathing equipment SKINDIVER
West Sussex seaside resort, granted the suffix Regis (of the king) by George V BOGNOR
Westernmost Canadian territory YUKON

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