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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 16,230 – May 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Quick Crossword.

Clues Answers
Bare-foot martial art KICKBOXING
Buffalo Bill’s family name CODY
Burgers, pizzas, hot dogs etc FASTFOOD
Dexterous ADROIT
From 190 to 135 million years ago JURASSIC
Group related by blood or marriage CLAN
Healthy __ well done! GOODFORYOU
Highest mountain in Japan FUJI
Legal obligation (to be one of twelve) JURYDUTY
Licked sweet LOLLIPOP
Macabre SICK
Member of the most numerous ethnic and linguistic peoples in Europe SLAV
Natural fertiliser MANURE
Plan and direct a course NAVIGATE
River valley DALE
Secondary food SIDEDISH
Shredded cabbage salad COLESLAW
Song of praise HYMN
Stylish and expensive SWANKY
Unsoiled (anag) __ false idea DELUSION
Useless __ nebula (anag) UNABLE
Where whisky comes from DISTILLERY