The Guardian – Quick crossword No 16,245 – Jun 1 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A parting word CHEERIO
Accuracy and attention to detail PRECISION
Alloy of iron and carbon STEEL
Annoying tune __ more war (anag) EARWORM
Car used in competition RACER
Customer CLIENT
Does very well EXCELS
Extra benefits (from a job) PERKS
Join the conversation CHIMEIN
Large long-horned African antelope ORYX
Least strong MILDEST
Leaving out EXCLUDING
Low budget film made mainly for showing on TV BMOVIE
Male reproductive cell SPERM
Natural __ born INNATE
One that’s very thick-skinned RHINO
Pinched STOLEN
Prejudice runs (anag) __ study of law and its principles JURISPRUDENCE
Print made from a design carved in relief into a block LINOCUT
Sign of the zodiac GEMINI
Something a writer finds absorbing? BLOTTINGPAPER
Sound like a pig? OINK
Turns over and over ROLLS
Venomous language VITRIOL
Work done under time pressure RUSHJOB

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