The Guardian – Quick crossword No 16,246 – Jun 2 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Basic tool for carpenters and surveyors SPIRITLEVEL
Be horribly hot SWELTER
Desire (for a drink?) THIRST
Guacamole or hummus, say DIP
Imperial unit of weight equal to 28.35 grammes OUNCE
It’s seen above the knee THIGH
Master musician? MAESTRO
Mood __ disposition TEMPERAMENT
Not glossy MATTE
One way to leave school? EXPULSION
One with a total addiction? NUT
Piece of software for a mobile phone, say APP
Place between one thing and another INTERPOSE
Poetically frequent OFT
Qualification CAVEAT
Rabbit __ Pan __ Piper PETER
Score __ at Rochester (anag) ORCHESTRATE
Speaking parts? MOUTHS
Sports car (or sofa?) TWOSEATER
The ___ , 1960 Billy Wilder film starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLean APARTMENT
Top builder? ROOFER
Unit of energy or heat CALORIE

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