The Guardian – Quick crossword No 16,258 – Jun 16 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
(Of a ship) being moved by a tug UNDERTOW
Act as a peacemaker MEDIATE
Actor (abbr) THESP
Alzheimer’s, for instance DEMENTIA
Breathe with great difficulty CHOKE
Concise __ methodical NEAT
Conflicted feelings __ blame cave-in (anag) AMBIVALENCE
Consequence of a thaw MELTWATER
Definitely not! NOFEAR
Dodgy behaviour? EVASION
Doubtful individual? SCEPTIC
Give way SUCCUMB
Global organisation for aid to children, founded 1946 UNICEF
Greek virgin goddess of the moon __ any itch (anag) CYNTHIA
Legal expenses (paid by the loser!) COSTS
Make an unarranged visit DROPIN
Offhand CASUAL
Relentless NONSTOP
Run over the key points again RECAP
Scottish potato (informal) TATTIE
Soft fruit basket PUNNET
Story produced in instalments SERIAL
Subtle distinction NUANCE
Sworn statement AFFIDAVIT
You of old! THOU

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