The Guardian – Quick crossword No 16,287 – Jul 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
All Earth’s inhabitants HUMANITY
Austrian state, capital Innsbruck TYROL
Black tea from north-east India ASSAM
Brexiteer? LEAVER
Free trade area with no tariffs COMMONMARKET
German toast PROSIT
Humorous image, video or short text that spreads rapidly by internet MEME
Influence SWAY
It’s pressed when you don’t want to wake up SNOOZEBUTTON
Japanese treatment involving pressure with the fingers to points on the body __ as hit us (anag) SHIATSU
Just __ almost not SCARCELY
Keep the engine running when stationary IDLE
Large book VOLUME
Launder WASH
Lingo of a particular group ARGOT
Major post-Christmas events for shopaholics JANUARYSALES
Mercury and silver alloy still used by some dentists to fill cavities AMALGAM
Most ventilated AIRIEST
One who seduces and exploits young women __ eg anvils (anag) SVENGALI
Store for arms and ammunition ARSENAL
Three sheets to the wind BLOTTO
Unit of liquid capacity (though not in the UK of beer) LITRE

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