The Guardian – Quick crossword No 16,290 – Jul 23 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A speech of violent denunciation __ I do beards (anag) BROADSIDE
Avoid dealing with SHIRK
Bad writing SCRAWL
c: what’s under this letter CEDILLA
Crew cut, bob or perm? HAIRDO
Cut short CURTAIL
Demand for payment INVOICE
é: what’s over this letter __ urgent ACUTE
Extra time in bed in the morning LIEIN
Feathers PLUMAGE
Feeling of pleasure LIKING
Function in trigonometry (abbr) COSEC
Illicit whiskey HOOTCH
In reality DEFACTO
Isolated elements considered separately from the whole ITEMS
Lasting a long time ABIDING
Misfortune BADLUCK
Native American village in the south-western United States PUEBLO
Plastic cup BEAKER
Pleasant prospect VISTA
Proposal OFFER
Range of responses to one question VOXPOP
Risk __ peril DANGER
Stroke of luck FLUKE
Too well nourished OVERFED
TV programme depicting true facts about a person or event DOCUDRAMA

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