The Guardian – Quick crossword No 16,342 – Sep 22 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A bit too cute? TWEE
Ability to achieve something MEANS
Blemish BLOT
Bream (anag) AMBER
Edible snail ESCARGOT
Exclamation of contempt TUTTUT
Giant felled by the young David GOLIATH
Hanging bathroom sheet SHOWERCURTAIN
Head servant in charge of wines and the dining area BUTLER
Large tanks for keeping live fish and underwater animals AQUARIA
Light beer LAGER
Lock cleaner SHAMPOO
Nasal sound TWANG
Norwegian playwright, d. 1906 IBSEN
Shakespeare’s birthday month APRIL
Soft yellow secretion in the head EARWAX
Soviet forced labour camp GULAG
Sucking noise when walking in mud SQUELCH
Tool for straightening fibres COMB
Wader that feeds on mussels etc OYSTERCATCHER
Water accumulating at the bottom of a ship BILGE
Where the Mogul emperor Shah Jahan built a mausoleum in memory of his favourite wife AGRA

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