The Guardian – Quick crossword No 16,344 – Sep 24 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
(Of hair) pale yellow to yellowish brown FLAXEN
A grinder? MOLAR
Abrasive stones PUMICES
Astuteness ACUMEN
Code for I INDIA
County administered from Norwich NORFOLK
Crisp lustrous fabric TAFFETA
Doomed person (informal) GONER
Excellence MERIT
Extremely old ARCHAIC
Green peas in an edible pod __ spurs anag (anag) SUGARSNAP
Knockout fixture between two teams CUPTIE
Largest city by population in Arizona PHOENIX
Majestic REGAL
Short-lived insect MAYFLY
Silly __ yellow flower (informal) DAFFY
Small chicken BANTAM
Software module that enhances an existing application ADDON
Stone Age chap? CAVEMAN
Tropical and subtropical bush or tree with lilac-coloured flowers JACARANDA
Weapon thrown in competitive field events JAVELIN
Well-mannered GENTEEL
___ Black, British-Canadian ex-newspaper publisher CONRAD

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