The Guardian – Quick crossword No 16,494 – Mar 18 2023 Crossword Solutions

Clues Answers
African fly TSETSE
Again ANEW
Amount a government owes NATIONALDEBT
Arabian sultanate OMAN
Blood vessel ARTERY
Cheesy art or music SCHMALTZ
Cocktail stirrer SWIZZLESTICK
Drawing that explains how something works DIAGRAM
Georgia’s capital TBILISI
Hairless BALD
Immaculate MINT
Large spoon LADLE
Loire (anag) __ bay window ORIEL
Mexico’s last great indigenous empire AZTEC
Old girl ALUMNA
Part of a javelin SHAFT
Peatland plant __ song has mumps (anag) SPHAGNUMMOSS
Principal post on a sailing ship MAINMAST
Religious musical composition ORATORIO
Sound file distributed over the internet for playback PODCAST
Type of washing machine TWINTUB
Without any warning ALLOFASUDDEN

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