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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,005 – February 18 2019

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Clues Answers
A semi-virgin oil ruined Italian dish RAVIOLI
About half the population has cut back on space WOMEN
Animal has good fair treatment and fine housing GIRAFFE
Be entitled to leave __ time to go’s half five DESERVE
Building slowly absorbing earth goes off-white YELLOWS
Cast for fine fish FLING
Chap’s coming round, so I straightened line in stockings HOSIERY
Charged agent with obstruction and evasion, initially REPLETE
Choose a parking place APPOINT
Could be a nightmare, when tot swallows drug DREAM
Cushion chair to raise height of Queen behind composer UPHOLSTER
Daughter’s note taking back insult about king proves false DEBUNKS
Discharge of English judge by European court EJECT
Drives in and out of American streets THRUSTS
Found popular leader of this South American country’s revolution to be losing heart INTRODUCE
Guessed date and times are wrong ESTIMATED
I am nuts swimming in a dangerous wave TSUNAMI
Join organisation providing end to poverty UNIFY
Kind of paper case CARTRIDGE
Left Lincoln with second-class ticket LABEL
Looked happy going round new church GLANCED
Love party game’s retro whiff ODOUR
Nibble at some meat in tortilla EATINTO
Preserve condition restricting weapon a boy’s after MARMALADE
Priest’s to run physical training in unpolluted setting CLERGYMAN
Quite sour cocktail is a shade of blue TURQUOISE
Reasons for acting in some ITV play MOTIVES
Regret man’s 24 hours under energy-blocking routine RUETHEDAY
Report of rogue animal CHEETAH
Short cuts for escaping spies? RATRUNS
Special rate covers 10+ EXTRA
Wife’s rented ragtop punctured and spun noisily WHIRRED