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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,007 – March 4 2019

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Clues Answers
Achieving 50% reduction of narcotic issues in smug self-admiration NARCISSISM
An angry sort of clue ACROSS
Arms, bottom and tops of neck and legs ARSENAL
Be ruthless arranging street furniture BUSSHELTER
Bearing gift, having time for papa ATTITUDE
British Rail left bankrupted over drunk TANKEDUP
Concoct or generate source of citrus ORANGETREE
Delight in good shelter GLEE
Fluid laboratory drained with speed LYMPH
Frothy beer left to rise REBEL
Gender-bending female making a mistake and moving on TRANSFERRING
Genuine training for beginner INGENUE
Get well following nil by mouth ORALLY
Green salad is primarily eaten to invigorate ENERGISE
Head off, being fussy and unpleasant ICKY
Humour posed with fury SATIRE
Leaders of Montenegro and Norway alongside EU over working plan MANOEUVRE
Look up, interrupting central host INNKEEPER
Old writing implements exceed top price EXPENSE
Oops, Tories so affected by bodily weakness! OSTEOPOROSIS
Original first writer NOVELIST
Part of the environmental press IRON
Person responsible put to death about four EXECUTIVE
Refurbishing necessary? Not as background SCENERY
Sell whip FLOG
Small mushrooms served up in glasses SPECS
Tidy and mostly set right mess STRAIGHTEN
Weaken the heart of wounded stoat UNDERMINE
What goes round and round and round ROTOR
Where Arabs may be steady STABLE