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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,009 – March 18 2019

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Clues Answers
A time to coax and go ATTEMPT
Ace you and I hit is impressed AWESTRUCK
Brightest climbers initially left mountain CLEVEREST
British support returning the French bug BEETLE
Called end to intense row RANGE
Charm south-east Italian leader SEDUCE
Congress initially take steps to get American plant CACTUS
Couple noisily joining jailbird TOUCAN
Degradation in a cellar ABASEMENT
Deity dodges around the centre of Bristol GODDESS
Detective inspectors dispatched to protest DISSENT
Discovered leaders of some universities suggested students employed deception SUSSED
Drive Ford model right into another vehicle GOKART
Explain delight about posh police department ELUCIDATE
Give weapons to cities involved in ceasefire ARMISTICE
Head of studio wearing footwear to provide elevation BOOST
Little bit of broth’s available we hear SOUPCON
Lower job stress UNDERLINE
Measures items exploding TIMES
Naive painting reduced ARTLESS
Nervous about bottom of chair getting damaged SCARRED
Offspring hiding desire for doctor SURGEON
One bent on retaliation after son caught person going through the bins SCAVENGER
One picking nits from pet and dancing PEDANT
Rambling vicar on about one craving flesh CARNIVORE
Savages low quality housing rejected across area MAULS
Spaniards concealing revolting sewer DRAIN
Steal popular bird ROBIN
Touch part of heating element TINGE
Woman rejecting animal products, say, found in vehicle VEGAN
Wrong cherries regularly open SINCERE
Young creatures left in grottos CALVES