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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,010 – March 25 2019

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Clues Answers
A vine cultivated over time becomes indigenous NATIVE
American ox’s crossing point YANK
Change oar arrangement to reach harbour ANCHORAGE
Comprehensive is gone and Academy is taking students OVERALL
E-copy? ECHO
Enraptured about church still ECSTATIC
Field behind cove has fine ingredient for a stew BAYLEAF
Grave disease consuming old man TOMB
Heard I could be wisest to hide name of person at the scene EYEWITNESS
Heartlessly takes dodgy chance to be a star ASTERISK
I am unable to get even mains in new condo NOCANDO
It’s obvious, but sun damage has beginnings of lasting effects UNSUBTLE
Join queue to get something for a manicure NAILFILE
Layabout lout never one to offer help freely VOLUNTEER
Meal’s about done REPAST
Party as part of special event is in need of a lot of work LABOURINTENSIVE
Pass on advice for putting out candle SNUFFIT
Picked up legal documents for posh hotel RITZ
Provide endless space to raise a horse EQUINE
Rising Cam before long draws in a thousand fish MACKEREL
Setter involved in RAC road trip’s given music device CARRADIO
Shabby trunk emptied contents UNKEMPT
Sooty’s pal Soo’s beginning to cry SWEEP
Spread fear about cheat in a brimmed hat FEDORA
Time of year for company return to be run OCTOBER
Utopian cities laid waste IDEALISTIC
Very trendy young lady’s first record VINYL
Way to go for a job with commitment and class APPLICATIONFORM