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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,015 – April 28 2019

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Clues Answers
Almost not in time to get award HONOUR
American girl has to cut and run GALLOP
Animal cries from sow suffering after farrow MIAOWS
Appear to have left love with broken heart LOOK
Captured Devizes but not very artfully SEIZED
Certainly solver is tense! YOUBET
Country dweller has bad time imprisoned by the old queen VILLAGER
Current second XI’s keeping beginner in reserve STREAM
Drop Facebook contact with a French pal UNFRIEND
Financed and established with nothing lacking FUNDED
Fine high hilltop’s not visible in spring FOUNTAIN
Force to have faith in fantasy MAKEBELIEVE
Gone off and fled with police in pursuit RANCID
Northern river Don WEAR
Not qualified to analyse nebula UNABLE
Question students interrupting angrier assembly and arguing QUARRELLING
Quote’s about right to express contrary principles CRITERIA
Refuse to take soldiers by plane over Cuba REJECT
Replace old coins? EXCHANGE
Robber’s main vehicle? PIRATESHIP
Struggle for fellows in charge last month engaged in do-it-yourself DIFFICULTY
Toboggan takes bend on side rim SLEDGE
Travels around island making films MOVIES
Trump is to legitimise carrying a handgun PISTOL
Wedding shower? CONFETTI
Work to tile WC TOILET