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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,016 – May 5 2019

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Clues Answers
A labyrinth to shock and awe AMAZE
About to get bike and make into something new RECYCLE
Angry traitor that is embraced IRATE
Animosity summit announced PIQUE
Beat man to line TANGENT
Beseech topless males to provide something for free ENTREAT
Break from desire to hurt after religious education RESPITE
Climbing perennial plants cover area of level land PLAIN
Coach returned to prison and took in food for master SUBJUGATE
Create period of work, using whatever is available MAKESHIFT
Delayed accepting one pound as pay off LIQUIDATE
Dish left in ruined hacienda ENCHILADA
Elite lot illegitimately securing right to lead TITLEROLE
Explosive device dropped regularly amidst commotion TORPEDO
Faithful old performance EXACT
Firm support for reptile COBRA
Follow someone around small town initially to flatter SWEETTALK
Fragrant mixture of cannabis, rain and core of durian POTPOURRI
Gunmen on jetty with small arms RAPIERS
I alarm old doddery creature ARMADILLO
Infant excited to perform addition TOTUP
No uncertainty bottling small measure OUNCE
Preserves antidotes CURES
President and journo raise fake TRUMPEDUP
Put an end to meal involving carbon SCUPPER
Quietly urged daughter to leave show PROVE
Relative, losing head, let loose UNTIE
Rough patch is on hole in the wall CASHPOINT
Sauté rice vigorously and burn CAUTERISE
Study tube or train fare collector CONDUCTOR
Surpass alfresco party OUTDO
Unpopular job in remote area OUTPOST