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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,017 – May 12 2019

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Clues Answers
… to improve share for partner? BETTERHALF
27s knew about minimum staff SKELETONCREW
Be able to send up small amount of food? CANAPE
Come across ‘im calculating number of chickens? ENCOUNTER
Delight in French tea __ firstly need teapot! ENCHANT
Deposit a ball tackling five ADVANCE
Fussy pink gin and tonic cocktail not on! NITPICKING
Get lost cycling ONYOURBIKE
Go a bit like a van? VANISH
Go blue in decline TURNDOWN
Her Majesty embraces coastal regeneration __ this can go up and down ESCALATOR
Herb for porridge, say THYME
Nurse finally backing the last word in ‘help to go’ ENEMA
On which one gets wet, save for this ARAINYDAY
One shared by community with opportunities UNIT
Paid celebs can be loathsome DESPICABLE
Painter’s second bag MONET
Peak at any time east of Paris EVEREST
Plaudit for a cold soft drink extremely desirable ACCOLADE
Playing a nine is stupid INANE
Playing sitar, go for creative talent ARTISTRY
Realise Jeff’s topless, hairy etc EFFECT
Ships notice a weapon ahead ARMADA
Speech interpreter repaired learner’s translation LIPREADER
Suck like Blackbeard? ASPIRATE
Talk fondly, reportedly upset COUP
They say that in marriage libido is reduced by 50% … IDO
Unhappy start to song and dance SAD
Voter getting shock treatment in role reversal ELECTOR
You could be Eve SECONDPERSON