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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,066 – Apr 20 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Guardian Quiptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
A man and I prepared to tuck into cheese from a large pan of hot water BAINMARIE
After a time, be inclined to go ATTEND
Argue with Hell’s Angel about source of cannabis BICKER
Arsonist originally restricted by appropriate court order FIAT
Author of Blood very keen to return to Lima GOREVIDAL
Charming setter wearing women’s pants WINSOME
Cheat to win at end of simple card game CRIBBAGE
Clergymen in the army wanting tea in open country PLAINS
Conservative party’s flipping smart! CLEVER
Correct behaviour shown by English company during strike DECORUM
Cover what journalists write about article CANOPY
Crew visiting island by boat somehow reaching part of Canada MANITOBA
Damp home for China’s last chairman’s supporter? MAOIST
Engage in experiment involving rattlesnake’s skin INTEREST
Fellow with short list of things to be done with a stub FAGEND
Most beautiful female gets one place to raise a family FINEST
Mother strict with dog? MASTIFF
Official set off to battle with duke STEWARD
Ordered a Republican to rank Democrat ARRANGED
Organ is in concluding part of performance FINIS
Reprobate, said to go to pub, becoming bright red CINNABAR
Small narrow part of latch SNECK
Speculate about Queen’s headgear BERET
Tavern getting hold of popular vegetable AUBERGINE
Unite king and fool KNIT
Verger’s first to see vicar forced into reciprocal relationship VICEVERSA
What bookies pay out after Worcestershire’s first spell at the crease WINNINGS
Woman with very little money PENNY