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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,068 – May 4 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Guardian Quiptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
Basic choice for a burglar? (4,2,2,5,2) TAKEITORLEAVEIT
Become agitated, if husband leaves? Get stuffed OVERHEAT
Car’s accomplished performance for one that teaches itself AUTODIDACT
Cost of maintaining high stock UPKEEP
Dead feeling is going down DEMOTION
Drug runner is part of ring in New Orleans, initially NARCO
Employs too many with ludicrous vast offers OVERSTAFFS
Hand over before agreement DONEDEAL
Handy guide to the future provides a lifeline PALM
In this way, salute Italian produce SOAVE
It requires assembly to make timely return amidst criticism FLATPACK
Japanese hottie lived with a Guys and Dolls fan WASABI
Millions following model company producing amusing programme SITCOM
On the way, carrying chicken starter in pastry ENCROUTE
Opera performance concealing adult point TURANDOT
Pip has Estella concealing periods PHASES
Pitch tent here __ it provides data link ETHERNET
Plant found in the middle of resown barren fields SORREL
Poor duke regularly does turn for money EURO
Prediction revealed by American chap in dream HOROSCOPE
Quit when Dolce (or Gabbana) swapped ends RESIGNED
Run behind float RAFT
Sign on embassy for those taking standard position in congress MISSIONARIES
Some talk of one inspiring shelter to provide breakfast MUESLI
Technical script for part of film that’s coming up HTML
Unprepared former agency worker starts out running errands EXTEMPORE
Venue satisfying audience MEETINGHOUSE