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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,082 – Aug 10 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Quiptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
After English and French denials, perhaps hearing is straightforward NONONSENSE
Bird’s plucky, heading off north RAVEN
Complaint with half the Te Deum being played on a pipe FLUTED
Dashing young man grabs four to go off and have fun GALLIVANT
Designs Prada top and bottom with model birds PATTERNS
Exceptional religious studies by artist RARE
Exercise in pushy manipulation builds excitement HYPESUP
Explain root potential of research EXPLORATION
Fling with fellow in a travelling show AFFAIR
Funny clip of Mr Benn is capturing your heart HILARIOUS
Gradually withdrew from stage act and, ignoring the odds, quit Phasedout
Guaranteed end-user review ENSURED
Implies criminal isn’t wearing headgear HINTSAT
Let slip clergyman brewed ale REVEAL
Lovely day with eastern radiance briefly complete DELIGHTFUL
Mysterious holy man buzzed with energy STRANGE
Parking’s cut into land for amphibian TERRAPIN
Problem that is hampering American warship’s return ISSUE
Puts away jug island woman’s brought round IMPRISONS
Quietly feeding dogs upset by simple tail trim SPRUCE
Risk travelling quiet road before battle SKIRMISH
Rowing crew’s heaviness cut lead EIGHT
Secures rent from business with many outlets CHAINSTORE
Set up soldier with Juliet to join square dances JIGS
Settled with priest’s help PAID
Successful record beaten after defeat SMASHHIT
Turned sunward outside chapter house for early morning song DAWNCHORUS
Watches castle with boy following return of pipistrelles, perhaps KEEPSTABSON
When filling cobblers, cook in the oven ROAST
Woman’s harbouring love for footwear SHOE