The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,136 – Aug 23 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Breathes in dodgy parasites ASPIRATES
Bullish stimulant TAURINE
Catch sight of Cinders dancing DISCERN
Check out chief of police in hexapod INSPECT
Cloth handbag at first could be ranked most important HANDKERCHIEF
Compiler’s back in the 12 THEME
Cost of travelling coach sounds reasonable TRAINFARE
Country has organised crime within its borders AMERICA
Criminal crossing mink with a polecat KLEPTOMANIAC
Dine out with coppers, restricting study for freedom INDEPENDENCE
Fix pub providing service found on the high street NAILBAR
Had group that’s armed Isis held every now and then POSSESSED
I have brought up depression, to be clear EVIDENT
Joint drink party KNEESUP
Manage to give a speech about gym session OPERATE
Miserly old person, evidently scammed to begin with, is upset MOPES
More luxurious, like Sir Dicky! SILKIER
More old paintings rejected EXTRA
Neglect one on purpose MISSION
Old-fashioned inheritance excluded heir ANCIENT
Play back recording, including kiss for someone far from home EXPAT
Ship having its mast and sails overwhelmed by destiny FRIGATE
They write baroque poems in heartless covers COMPOSERS
Topic of citizen in a monarchy SUBJECT
Trim tech billionaire’s status ECHELON
Upsetting a fascist party in power is acceptable SATISFACTORY
Weary sexy chap stripped __ just topless EXHAUST
Will and Harry, but not quite Diana? PRINCES

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