The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,169 – Apr 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A new tiresome task cut short for news presenter ANCHOR
Anticipate times taken over exercise in English court EXPECT
Ape skirts middle of land in covering of a forest CANOPY
Band of singers or such at work CHORUS
Cocktal currently taken by graduate and learner in confines of school SNOWBALL
Demarcated group rejecting leader in criminal enterprise RACKET
Drive from university rector, for example, after retirement URGE
Everybody in church retains a friendly relationship ALLIANCE
Free ticket for all to see amid revised terms gets to appear adequate PASSMUSTER
French composer keeps finale to another work of parody SATIRE
Heavy food? Eccentric gets to eat an excessive amount STODGE
Hypnotic state affected Cretan TRANCE
It might feature cases on an estate? ROOFRACK
Lately discovered radio operator in London borough NEWHAM
On the whole, danger ably diverted BYANDLARGE
One detained by expression of admiration in meeting for discussion POWWOW
Prepare round figure in part of a theatre DRESSCIRCLE
Pub found by green, say, showing distinctive features of a place LOCALCOLOUR
Relaxed group of students entering fashionable area on lake INFORMAL
Rising section of fortified site needs regular repairs UPKEEP
Smart agent grabbing short sleep SNAPPY
Some hate amateurish group of players TEAM
Son far from straight in making complaint in the main? SCURVY
Sound of small seal or young swan CYGNET
US city is unusually grandiose overlooking river SANDIEGO
Word aunt misused proves inappropriate UNTOWARD

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