The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,187 – Aug 15 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Certainly not the best policy! DISHONESTY
Actor is out with naughty nobs ARISTOCRACY
Agent suffering setback (and cut off) kept going PERSEVERED
An editor out of control should be restricted RATIONED
Comfort in abstaining from alcohol __ what’s on the table? TEASET
Compostable items left in rubbish? PLANTS
Game held up with fellow needing immediate attention URGENT
Hiding in bush, a very young lad SHAVER
Insignificant place that could be nowhere? Not so ONEHORSE
Island has job getting rid of king __ madness ensues TASMANIA
John, one wanting office outside, maybe spent to much? LAVISHED
Lots missing a penalty, sadly PLENTY
Make nothing of repeated dirty stuff POOPOO
Money deposited by the German road joining an autobahn? FEEDER
One-time group of performers FORMER
Polish again getting snub? REBUFF
Prison block needing the ultimate in security CHOKEY
Scottish island’s so typical of a long-ago time JURASSIC
See 15 TOWN
Singer and friend outside university with academic attire on? PAULROBESON
Small wooden area with duck in narrow channel GROOVE
Some items to redeem, not on public display? STORED
Taken off, as a ship needing repair? DOCKED
The French blunder? Go wild LETRIP
Went across street, we hear, ahead of all others in front BESTRODE
You are part of the crew, reportedly making money EURO

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