The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 956 – Mar 12 2018

Clues Answers
‘Shoe’, in a manner of speaking BROGUE
… misty eyes covering a glandular infection STYE
Accountant left to marry last year, initially showing equanimity CALMLY
Came around to reach the top ACME
Chap quietly left twice for a dance CHACHA
Clothing worn by theatregoers? SCRUBS
Do read novel — it’s much loved ADORED
Eccentric lady contains violent riot skilfully ADROITLY
First to see exotic palm wands in marshes SWAMPLANDS
Former pupil with date in review secured OBTAINED
Funny kit shown in an illustrated tale COMICSTRIP
GP purses her lips about nothing for those who quit DROPOUTS
Heads for another new opening night later ANON
Jerky motions shown in time by coven TWITCHES
Clues Answers
Lost Ian’s carton for flowers CARNATIONS
My hot pal turned out to be a person of wide learning POLYMATH
Nuisance is removed with subtlety NUANCE
Operatic song with officer about a rope LARIAT
Ovation for the Spanish composer HANDEL
Rot talked about trick following a noise like thunder CLAPTRAP
Sadly, Kenya extremists found here in the US ALASKA
Second-class wine sent back by rail BANISTER
Senseless, unruly trial on air IRRATIONAL
Some plant endives for a bet ANTE
Terribly sad about sheep in plays DRAMAS
Unlock to get one pup out OPENUP
Vehicle carrying new top for keeper CAPTOR
Wife entered as the bell rang and smiled with her eyes … TWINKLED

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