The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 957 – Mar 19 2018

Clues Answers
… bird spoils wooden spoon BOOBYPRIZE
5 across is partly ready RIPE
Affair the night before not without heart EVENT
Ban Bonnie or Clyde? OUTLAW
Being naughty, drink too much BINGE
Bit of piano piece PARTICLE
Boffin incites trouble in street SCIENTIST
Bouncy oriental MP bounces on this TRAMPOLINE
Compete with Western opinion VIEW
Country bug -—doesn’t matter which GERMANY
Curtailment of flying above Britain ABBREVIATION
Dancing like me gives Disney energy WALTZING
Deficient policemen taking time out INCOMPLETE
Do join in now and again OCCASIONALLY
Expert on pipe output PRODUCT
Clues Answers
Handle book TITLE
I’m backing out of feminist play, it’s most lightweight FINEST
In bed etc, eleven turned in ELECTED
Indirectly influences catching fish SIDEWAYS
Invite non-renewable development INVENTION
Later in the news … THEN
No amity is produced by this ANIMOSITY
Paper witness OBSERVER
Said quietly: ‘Wife sadly perished’ WHISPERED
Some skincare for South American INCA
Tool loses right to throw this in TOWEL
Undresses, having taken drug in bars STRIPES
Vegetable rubbish in dump POTATO
Was unfaithful, losing head when passionate HEATED
Wicked indecent exposure foolish senior ignored — surprising! UNEXPECTED

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