The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 959 – Apr 1 2018

Clues Answers
Animal noises that could come from stable BLEATS
Artist died, wise person falling over DEGAS
Bash attended by little woman somewhere south of the Thames LAMBETH
Black liquid to turn into vapour BOIL
Charm of performer’s first appearance ENTRANCE
Chemical help to limit cold ACID
Coffee provided by hotel at ten LATTE
Competent father entertained by 14 CAPABLE
Den of Scottish landlord unfinished LAIR
Eatery that could provide a sir with beers BRASSERIE
Editor with superior purpose expressed disapproval OBJECTED
Endeavoured to change voters STROVE
Engineers aboard aircraft or ship FREIGHTER
Final thing for a cobbler to work on LAST
His team may be troubled by such lack of belief ATHEISM
Clues Answers
Like an Oxford boy seen outside church LACED
Madness with Left invading capital city MANILA
Model hugging British mug TOBY
Move against enemy is causing resentment OFFENSIVE
Notice in this location holy books for disciple ADHERENT
Powerful people in business given special name tags MAGNATES
Sad member of Boat Race crew? BLUE
See pal, after an upset, go by ELAPSE
Small room’s source of electric power CELL
Something growing in street TREE
Urgent message for prominent LibDem CABLE
Visionary born by stretch of water BLAKE
Wild Reds celebrate, putting on special attire? DRESSING
Yon Conservative, the female PM once THATCHER
Young lady, one no good, unable to be found MISSING

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