The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 960 – Apr 8 2018 April 8 2018

Clues Answers
A Liberal member journalist accused without proof ALLEGED
A tale about thin ice cracking is no longer relevant ANCIENTHISTORY
Bank to hold fast to smaller amount without mercy RELENTLESSLY
Bury short trainee INTER
Can the French tax Circle Line? LAVATORY
Confinement of Parisian number one trapped by heavy weight DETENTION
Constructs 500 flexible sieves DEVISES
Disparages that cockney bloke with fruit IMPEACHES
Dreadful sound coming from disorganised creches SCREECH
Exploit vacuous American jerk ANTIC
Fashionable dress includes bit of ribbing digging into flesh INGROWN
Fetch twig REALISE
Jog naked, covering genitals initially NUDGE
Misbehave with alcohol, golf and chanting SINGING
Clues Answers
Nationality of independent artist on quiz show IRAQI
Oldest IT utensil’s content is poor DESTITUTE
Repeat run redesigned to thrill ENRAPTURE
Request time to fold PLEAT
Small wrinkle (not medium) causes moral difficulty SCRUPLE
Starts to install galvanised layer over our home IGLOO
Stick a warning in item of clothing PINAFORE
Student accommodation holds over two learners HALLS
Supply feline to queen CATER
Support advertiser circulating source of unsolicited advice BACKSEATDRIVER
Sweetheart venturing around lake DARLING
Swine, big noise, doctor and idiot get authorisation to fly BOARDINGPASS
Wise man suppressing constant anger and profanity SACRILEGE
Wizard dines regularly on special plants in Staffordshire POTTERIES

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