The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 961 – Apr 15 2018

Clues Answers
A crew that’s under-represented creates new situation UNCHARTEDWATERS
Base where society is hiding tyrant DESPOT
Blank sign that you can enter bog VACANT
Dreamt one rebuilt a French cathedral NOTREDAME
Dry riser in energy generator TURBINE
Energy content of vegetation on which we live PLANET
Having lost weight, squander chance to be a star ASTERISK
Hindu pacifist engaged in booing and hissing GANDHI
Insect sheltered under a pinhead APHID
It can make wine from cat water in France CHATEAU
Lists item dropped by riot teams ROTAS
Mean gossip LOWDOWN
Morning’s end sees return of bad atmosphere MIASMA
Narrative account editor gutted is now in better order NEATER
Clues Answers
Pitch one made strange as it sounds PHONETIC
Planes race to carry back store of arms ARSENAL
Print technique used to protect squids INKJET
Rather stained potty INSTEAD
Servant climbing damaged trees to get ring widths DIAMETERS
Showing a surplus, having incorporated Republican amendment INCREDIT
Spoil little kid that really divides opinion MARMITE
Staff warning — women not welcome here? MANCAVE
Suffocated by temperature: it couldn’t be closer DEADHEAT
Swore when son landed in pickled CURSED
Temptation to acquire stone showing such radiance LUSTRE
Terribly rude, when theatre is off UNDERTHEWEATHER
The way to go when solving this type of clue ACROSS
Wire three times? Strange way to send short message TWITTER

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