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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 962 – Apr 22 2018

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Clues Answers
Angered by report of absurd death MADDENED
Bargain for least outlay STEAL
Break soldier with meanness RESPITE
Brilliant in binary code BRAINY
Colour up after incapacitating heart with drink CIDER
Couple wantonly gobbling ultimate burger won’t half get fat CORPULENT
Creep like an amphibian? TOADY
Debated criminal’s fine and made a mistake CONFERRED
Don’t say anything to delay old lady KEEPMUM
Drug’s given healthy bloom SPEEDWELL
Easily fooled listener about libel order GULLIBLE
Facial hair deficiency is burden on son SIDEBURNS
For example, put time in to give support STAY
Going there and back to get drinks from the bar? ROUNDTRIP
Label on French water is an artistic scene TABLEAU
Clues Answers
Make an assumption before umpire arrives PREJUDGE
Older person in state housing gets tax at zero rate, initially SENIOR
One day with English queen swilling tea’s enough ADEQUATE
One’s hiding key by south entrance ACCESS
Ravel viol duet went on longer OUTLIVED
Short career on cash register’s over, followed by year of fun! JOLLITY
Sophisticated characters found in suburban enclave URBANE
Stop believer in God overshadowing saint DESIST
Take off staff with salary protection PARODY
Understood one’s out for diplomacy TACT
Very fond of little Dorothy’s notes DOTED
Waiting room for people who are late? MORTUARY
Want regular free paper REQUIRE
Warden and police finally intercepting joyrider? CARETAKER
Watches returning hero beheaded — it’s an ugly sight EYESORE