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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 966 – May 20 2018

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Clues Answers
Be fathered illegitimately in luxurious place FEATHERBED
Bloke held up by little lamb MALE
Books set on fire by English traitor you heard about LITERATURE
Declines to rise around ceremony that’s lively SPIRITED
Discover crude Corsican ornament DECOR
Emotional lines you recited invoked confusion initially LYRIC
Ends in outhouse overturned, holding a toilet’s lid DEATHS
Escort an eccentric old relative ANCESTOR
Guard heading off for gate ENTRY
Happy providing nurture UPBRINGING
Hollow metropolis embracing a victor CAVITY
Horribly bad end to holiday diet in guest house BEDANDBREAKFAST
Huge robin performing for someone nearby NEIGHBOUR
Impasse he cultivated, causing stress EMPHASISE
Journey from property crossing middle of Kansas TRANSIT
Clues Answers
Keep apart from one getting very behind ISOLATE
Love judge to hold forth ORATE
Mint drink is top POLONECK
Name I note for insect TERMITE
Nip absinthe regularly BITE
Pest lives in shade NUISANCE
Pester and almost hurt fool HARASS
Relinquish offspring reportedly CEDE
Save ruin crumbling and left for everyone to see UNIVERSAL
Sweet returns with legal end to currency fraud DUPLICITY
Tart old line? PASTRY
Time to be sickly comes to an end TAIL
Unquestionably from French (in a limited way) DEFINITELY
Wild horse has to enrage without hesitation MUSTANG