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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 967 – May 27 2018

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Clues Answers
… because church is weighed down by wickedness SINCE
Almost get post during development phase GESTATION
Clean-cut yobs destroyed kids entertainment BOUNCYCASTLE
Criticise British carry on BLAST
Dramatist retains nothing that might give a clue POINTER
Drive-in movie playing Endless Love to start with IMPEL
Enter into arrangement for holding on to staff RETENTION
Exemption granted, if one admits weakness about it IMPUNITY
Fix a trial that’s holding up carrier AIRTAXI
Going back over call about broken crate RETRACING
Hate each online broadcast showing a hidden edge (2,3,2,3,4) ANACEINTHEHOLE
I did it all right — but it felt wrong enjoying it GUILTYPLEASURE
It makes sense for soldier to occupy unfinished canal construction LOGIC
Jobs created by company? Quite the reverse APPLE

Clues Answers
Lava, being fluid, can be passed through NAVIGABLE
Most pious but also most flawed, perhaps HOLIEST
New tech giants produce important information about adjusting bad gait BIGDATA
Old conspiracy protecting one creating abuse … EXPLOIT
One asking for your hand before getting to know you GRAPHOLOGIST
Plant fancy range in centre of room OREGANO
Put power into not so new office equipment STAPLER
Revamped pub has opening outside? It’s a minor story SUBPLOT
So supportive, when finished with drug THEREFORE
Support attempt to create demand for release! LEGGO
Surround dog displaying trait some cats have RINGTAIL
Tall farm boy regularly remembered in Texas ALAMO
They’re hard pressed to find a quick getaway in America GASPEDALS
Vice head sounds nervous, unable to stomach chop perhaps VEGGY