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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 969 – Jun 10 2018

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Clues Answers
A lone hermit SOLITARY
Copy book for period in game CRIBBAGE
Crafty lad gets around Scotsman for a nut ALMOND
Daft tricks seen in cats playing ANTICS
Decay after time to move moderately fast TROT
Deceased student unknown until recently LATELY
Disagreeable Nana lets up by mistake UNPLEASANT
Dispense with outfit uncle got terribly hot in UNCLOTHE
EU’s lot managed to make a mess TOUSLE
Farm gent made up piece FRAGMENT
Give in over Christian fast RELENT
Hairy fly buzzing round you, say, very loudly FLUFFY
Harass with live blockade BESIEGE
I avoided DIY for awful family DYNASTY
Clues Answers
Linguist said parrot had good luck POLYGLOT
New CIA list in emphatic kind of script ITALICS
Obstruction tactic, if burliest characters are drunk FILIBUSTER
Organised party for Frenchman without any particular purpose RANDOM
Peg to go on endlessly about each rule, initially for person who’s juvenile TEENAGER
Perhaps leaving set with missionary? EVANGELIST
Perhaps let in car carrying instrument CLARINET
Set off in pinstripe TRIP
Shooting at the OK Corral? GUNFIGHT
Smooth and put in order FILE
Sun on knees, they say, causes symptom of a cold SNEEZE
Timeless style is first model for this artistic movement CLASSICISM
Traumatised, with no idea about level STRATUM
Use keyboard of a kind TYPE