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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 971 – Jun 24 2018

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Clues Answers
Abandons wastelands DESERTS
Acts following foot faults FLAWS
Aiming to change European picture IMAGINE
Babies, regularly entertained by Oasis rivals, weep excessively BLUBBER
Bath robe hides sign of increased blood flow THROB
Bird gets one drink MARTINI
Brushed end of humerus and cried SWEPT
Capture the sound of oceans SEIZE
Cheeseparer to remove outside of stone SKINFLINT
Complain I have shortened goal OBJECTIVE
Defended fair on condition uncovered rides dismantled JUSTIFIED
Doctor and mother with part in performance RIGMAROLE
Dubious recycled plastic covering church SCEPTICAL
Expose falsehood Romeo gives one separate from the pack OUTLIER
Frame alien in fraud SETTING
Joins golf course LINKS
Clues Answers
Kill former boyfriend with bit of envenomed sweet EXECUTE
More clamorous about one small charged particle returning NOISIER
Offence shadow government engendered initially UMBRAGE
One giving speech unsurpassed on island BESTMAN
Out of the running at this time and place NOWHERE
Peer squeals endlessly, when excited EQUAL
Pocket found in short jeans, perhaps TROUSER
Praise Britain? Not so much BLESS
Serious attention given to bird’s place EARNEST
Sex with tenor among red hot ashes causes upsets EMBITTERS
Spin doctor cagiest about ways to display costs PRICETAGS
Stare at black line somewhere on face EYEBROW
Starting to transform ceremony that’s overused TRITE
Struggle to get rid of dragon BATTLEAXE
Throw drug to incompetent fool TOSSPOT
Topless artistes gyrating for people in chairs SITTERS