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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 973 – Jul 8 2018

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Clues Answers
Accommodate goalie, one who provides clean sheets, perhaps HOUSEKEEPER
All staff rue circulating such a blunt denial FLATREFUSAL
Auntie frustrated — she holds back too much SURFEIT
Boring win nervous sailors might long for DRYLAND
China’s real anxious to get a piece of England LANCASHIRE
Confederate supporting a knight from the rear ANALLY
Dangerous mountain in Vietnam ETNA
Expert garners unbelievable return working so quickly ALLATONCE
Get out more, having lost yen to be so virtuous STAINLESS
Getting up to go? No need on this vessel BEDPAN
Gladly loan novel for 24 hours ALLDAYLONG
Goes back in to find tenants injecting drug REENTERS
Good basic education can make one sound angry GRRR
Group didn’t flog as much with one single out BEATLES
Have noises reduced by half in this city? HANOI
Clues Answers
How to get picture from pure junkie ADDICT
It’s just a messy rip in skin FAIRPLAY
It’s really moving, performing daily in mature setting ONACHARGE
Line to be observed when firing arrows OCHE
Napping when not on screen? OFFGUARD
Natural fungi need scrambling UNFEIGNED
Note dashed off could appear this way in the Guardian! MISPRINTED
Position adopted by extremists in secret Aryan clique STANCE
Quietly, church abandons VIPs for more common people PLEBS
Short circuit usually ruins the leads CURT
Sketched daughter with rough end of crayon DRAWN
Sound grumpy when a right ass is allowed into hotels HARRUMPH
Supporter who’s hopeful when depositing money in spring WELLWISHER
Very different means to keep baby quiet SOOTHER
Where young kids learn phonetic spelling SKOOL