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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 974 – Jul 15 2018

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Clues Answers
Alcoholics Anonymous name spirit involved in heart disease ANGINA
Broadcast Madrid team bagging victory in Europe REVEAL
Calm cop’s ruffled by cool partner in crime ACCOMPLICE
Daughter’s 16 on day sweetheart split DIVIDE
Fine crab’s roaming island tucking into stuff FABRIC
I’m not sure following fish is a way to steer boat! RUDDER
Idyllic old Italian metropolis briefly recollected ROMANTIC
Leaders of Sao Paulo race given bottled Tizer to drink SPRITZER
Letter-writers’ enclosure with note has one in tears PENFRIENDS
Lounge endlessly redone to keep French wine cold UNLOVING
Manage to sit next to bishop at church meal BRUNCH
Modern weapon disheartened old Japanese dictator SHOGUN
Most of farce has now gone into decline COMEDOWN
Mount Etna’s bound to have deer ANTELOPE
Clues Answers
Not scared when embroiled in a fraud UNAFRAID
Pal in trouble with mob affected calmness APLOMB
Partisan’s often beyond Zimbabwe’s borders ZEALOT
Precipitation from pillow failure? DOWNFALL
Shame main performance involves female unknown INFAMY
Some paper’s covering annual meeting in Slough QUAGMIRE
Spoiled rotten coeds take over group COSSETED
Spring flower initially planted in front of border came up PRIMROSE
Take a breather during exercise dive PLUNGE
Unexpectedly picked up bargain opportunity BYCHANCE
Walks angrily and halts in a mile STOMPS
Wave line in front of fish heading off BRANDISH
What to say on meeting an awkward situation? HOWDOYOUDO
Women’s Institute on beach has endless box of butties SANDWICHES