The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 975 – Jul 23 2018

Clues Answers
Alan’s trick through the nose NASAL
Awfully bad sign for part of the body ABDOMEN
Blame puny Leo, perhaps, for not being able to find work UNEMPLOYABLE
Cheater embarrassed tutor TEACHER
Church features in play about old Greek capital DRACHMA
Crowds run in underwear THRONGS
Each time, rub out trouble PERTURB
Firedog is also metal ANDIRON
Fruit found travelling to Capri APRICOT
I am pretty likely to act in a way that’s over the top IMMODERATELY
Immunising agent that vice can ruin VACCINE
In favour of having been tried, but complained PROTESTED
It’s important to cut off end of circular and redistribute CRUCIAL
It’s the page, briefly, for cooking pasta SPAGHETTI
Clues Answers
Look back at student amid applause for the Netherlands HOLLAND
Marguerite lost merit in debate ARGUE
Not less, if nothing else ATLEAST
Old Russian vehicle, darling, used for celebrity’s reception REDCARPET
Options to change the indigenous population ALTERNATIVES
Passage from former partner’s chapter’s unfairly pert EXCERPT
Perhaps go charily with this form of rule OLIGARCHY
Retirement remit cancelled and re-arranged to go in ENTER
Road maker’s quiet, say PAVER
Rotten coaching without a reference to Italian food GNOCCHI
Test case I hid clumsily: there’s no turning back! THEDIEISCAST
Untidy pair: Meg makes a witty remark EPIGRAM
Word that sounds like another primate (male) around New York HOMONYM
Worship of a false god is oriental IDOLISE

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