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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 976 – Jul 29 2018

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Clues Answers
Aches starting? Probably analgesia is needed soon PAINS
Agreed ladettes removed a drunk SETTLED
Carrying out schedule inside DOINGTIME
Clumsy, chaotic — I’m shafted! HAMFISTED
Control coach interfering with others RESTRAINT
Covered crab or salad? DRESSED
Don’t drop this letter! AITCH
Fear of father taking note DREAD
Game editor suited MATCHED
Gently unravel line, gently cutting top LENIENTLY
In brochure: literature about someone who works with walls and floors TILER
In Calais lessons could be British? ISLES
It was said guys rejected broadcast MENTIONED
Majority accept Matilda is slightly wet MOIST
Mixed luddite cocktail DILUTED
Mostly saves for a long time then tears to pieces SAVAGES
Clues Answers
Offer to work for no money VOLUNTEER
Overeat Cheddar? GORGE
Pro offer Ned rejected is not allowed FORBIDDEN
Probably am there ahead of schedule EARLY
Proficiency of PM snatching disturbed rest MASTERY
Refuse female almost deliriously FLOTSAM
Remove a timeline accidentally ELIMINATE
Saint gagged and put on the rack STRETCHED
Sentimental about peas? MUSHY
Smallest skirt for mother MINIMUM
Some snake danced — not 20! NAKED
Story turned into rant on air NARRATION
Surprisingly, Noel or Sid keep at it SOLDIERON
Time spell without any border force IMPEL
Turn back to secure victory that is due OWING
Understand the subtlety of kit Athena’s thrown out TAKEAHINT