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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 977 – Aug 5 2018

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Clues Answers
Article about object for levy TITHE
Attract doctor with fashionable fastener DRAWINGPIN
Belief in the morning deity from the East DOGMA
Break and bury embassy INTERMISSION
Bring up small bench SPEW
Charges up with immense effort FEES
Closely question angry divorcee with a charge that’s explosive CROSSEXAMINE
Deliver detective’s gift DISTRIBUTE
Destroy rag that’s destined for recycling WASTEPAPER
Doctor in unit reassembled for formal presentation INTRODUCTION
Doctor is one in suit I love to register with first CARDIOLOGIST
Harsh client upset about workers INCLEMENT
Has touching second, holding wife OWNS
Intolerance of empty idiom applied to card game IMPATIENCE
Clues Answers
Mimics monkeys APES
Origins of automatons not British ROOTS
Persistent seller sent off RELENTLESS
Promise support for selected group COMMITTEE
Quite sour, distressed and blue TURQUOISE
Revolutionary with bite CHEW
Share drink grounds RATIONALE
Ship in champion holding national significance IMPORTANCE
Snakes, like heartless politicians ASPS
Stage regularly featured in diaries DAIS
Starts to cut under bedrock, encountering solid CUBE
Visitors taking time to speculate GUESS
Vulgar and expensive car with ludicrously luscious upholstery SCURRILOUS
Wishing to maintain quiet, mother rises in a rage HOPPINGMAD