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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 978 – Aug 12 2018

Published in The Guardian Quiptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
… came to approve in great admiration AWOKE
… it follows getting shot in bar CHASER
According to staff, medical department is secure PERMANENT
After resolving our sins he provides support NOURISHES
Badly crafted section stretches to cover inflated figures LYCRA
Blast the city into pieces; it ensures fidelity CHASTITYBELT
Break down energy cable protecting fodder GOHAYWIRE
Clouds naturally impair most bright images at first NIMBI
Detective finds headless writer in vessel POIROT
Engineers rig sonar to show location of soldiers GARRISON
Excited at a rusty example of art STATUARY
Failure to attend meal — that hurts NOSHOW
Final trial reportedly overwhelmed witness BETATEST
In France, here is the most remote ICIEST
Off the record, international body had an impact UNREGISTERED
Old military type deserting Essex after mutiny EXARMY
One can cure skin — or damage it, perhaps? TANNER
Person agreeing to put together dope record ASSENTER
Quick way to eliminate cockroach perhaps STEPONIT
Raleigh, for one, makes change after wife … WALTER
Relocate series for available players TRANSFERLIST
Restrain characters promising rewards, if sent on CHAINLETTERS
Ridiculous, as diners get packed in like this SARDINES
Risky location for company hiding a transgression CASINO
Shelters damaged tree covered in grasses RETREATS
Smart surgeon’s initial priority … CLEANCUT
Sweetheart changing name to Oscar? That’s rubbish! HOOEY
You get no thanks opposing such willing consent! YESPLEASE